BSM Cylinder Heads and Engines

It takes a long time to accrue all the knowledge and experience necessary to build racing engines, and it takes years of practice to acquire the ability to modify cylinder heads to the standard we provide – and to accurately anticipate the gains possible in power and engine longevity.
There are no short cuts, and Brett Sims began that process twenty-seven years ago.
In the racing arena, reputations can be dashed in an instant unless meticulous quality is at the very forefront of everything we do.
During his career Brett Sims has built an enviable reputation for making the most durable engines of the highest quality – a reputation every bit as solid as the countless race winning engines he has built.
We can build or modify cylinder heads, or re-build engines for the finest vintage or classic vehicles all to the very highest standards, irrespective of engine type or pedigree.

Cylinder Heads

We can advise, modify, or build from scratch – whatever your cylinder head requirements. So, from Vintage or Classic, from fast road to an all-out racer, we can provide you with an affordable solution.

We can offer:

  • Cylinder head modification
  • Unleaded conversions
  • Porting
  • Flow bench testing
  • Skimming
  • Stage 1 – 5 (Anything from Clubman to Touring car)
  • Multi angle valve seats
  • Trade Head skims and / or re-builds
  • Oversize valves
  • Port polishing
  • Re-shimming
  • Manifold matching
  • Motor cycle cylinder head skimming and modifications
  • Re-modification of a bad example
  • De-coke and overhaul
  • Stockist of cylinder head parts
  • General parts supplier of all engine components
  • Supplier of some used parts, including blocks, heads, and cranks.


Our record for building race winning engines speaks for itself, but we specialise in Peugeot, Mini, Cosworth, Lotus and Jaguar engines – particularly for the E type.
We also provide a complete engine re-build service for all types of Vintage or Classic vehicles –  not just for racing engines, but Prestige and Historic vehicle too.